Black Soy Beans Organic – Eden



Size: 398ML

Units Sold: sold by 6 units

Ingredients: Organic Black Soybeans, Water, Kombu Seaweed

Origin: USA

USA organic family EDEN Black Soybeans Glycine max are soaked overnight and pressure cooked with no chemical additives at Eden’s certified organic, kosher cannery. Native to Asia, black soybeans are a better edible soybean for humans, and considered the ‘Crown Prince’ of beans in Japan. Their Japanese name means hardworking and stands for ‘bodily strength and health.’ They offer all the nourishment of yellow soybeans and then some, including the naturally occurring isoflavone nutrients genistein, daidzein, and glycitein at 40 mg per half cup serving. They are deliciously sweet with a creamy smooth texture, and endlessly versatile. Try them in place of garbanzo beans in hummus, in salads, salsas, soup, stew, and with whole grain. They especially complement brown rice. No salt added. EDEN beans come in BPA, BPS, and phthalate free cans since 1999.