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Beginning on Oct 31/23, after over 40 years, we are taking a one year sabbatical from providing both our catalogue products & educational services offered by Wayne.  With our products services we are giving you the opportunity to place an order before Oct 15th.  Items that are not available to us by Oct 31 we will not be able to fulfill.  Your order will be delivered/shipped the first weeks of November.  We thank you for the opportunity to have served you in the past & look forward to serving you now.

For over 40 years MC catalogue service has received orders & shipped products to clients Canada wide.  We pride ourselves in offering Macrobiotic quality & traditional Japanese foods, organic whole & natural foods, organic herbs & spices, select kitchen utensils, household water filters, personal hygiene needs, cleaning products & superior supplements.

We get all your favourite brands to your door.

Planning Ahead: Supply chain issues are constant in this day & age. You are encouraged to be aware of your most important foods, supplements personal care products & stock up a least a one years supply.  This is a prudent, wise & economical way of purchasing.  Subscribe to ‘MC Newsletter’ to receive special order product date reminders, sales & featured products.  You will see that many products are offered by units of 6 or more to give you the best price possible. Enough for you have on hand & share with family & friends.

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SAVE ENERGY – Delivery to your door.

ORDERING: Phone 613-256-2665 24/7. Leave a message & we’ll call you back.  Email: Send us your list, we’ll call you back to go over the details & get your payment information.