Educational Services

Educational Services:

Educational consultations are offered to individuals, couples, families and groups interested in accelerating their understanding and application of macrobiotic principles

Typically, macrobiotic dietary guidelines for your particular concerns and interest are shared & discussed. This issue focused counseling is designed to help you in practical ways that transcend the macrobiotic diet.

An educational consultation will streamline your progress towards health, vitality, improved personal or business relationships and overall life satisfaction.

“Practical, effective, relevant education that lasts a lifetime.”


While macrobiotics is well know as a way of approaching/deciding how to nourish ourselves in order to create dynamic energetic healthy lives; it is in fact about focusing on all aspects of creating a capacity for living our great life potential, day to day year to year during our life journey. As such we at MC endeavour to integrate biological, physiological, psychological, emotionally intelligent and good spirit principles into our ways of sharing, teaching, counselling and mentoring.  We invite you to avail yourself of our offerings.